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Navigating Healthcare Challenges: Discussing Innovative Pricing and CPQ Solutions with Spire Healthcare

In an era of rapid digital transformation, the MedTech and Healthcare industries face unique challenges such as increasing regulatory pressures, the need for innovative business models like XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service), and the imperative to deliver tangible value amidst growing competition.

In this webinar, you will learn how Spire Healthcare navigated these challenges and achieved remarkable success using PROS pricing and CPQ solutions, enhancing both customer experience and profitability

Topics Discussed:

  • Challenges in Healthcare after Covid: navigating regulatory changes, digital transformation, changed market conditions and competitive pressures.
  • Innovative Quoting and Pricing: new go-to-market approaches in Healthcare and MedTech.
  • Spire Healthcare’s Journey: why Spire Healthcare chose a CPQ and pricing solution and why PROS specifically.
  • Results Achieved: tangible outcomes from utilizing a pricing and CPQ solution.
  • Best Practices: strategies for successful pricing and CPQ projects in the Healthcare sector.


Reno Koepp, Lead Strategic Consultant – PROS

Reno Koepp
Lead Strategic Consultant – PROS

Reno works as a lead strategic consultant in the presales area at PROS Germany GmbH. Reno has been with PROS since the beginning of 2012. His most important focus is to optimize sales and margins for his customers through strategic and dynamic pricing and increasing sales efficiency.
He has a pricing background, having previously worked as a pricing manager in the industry. During his time at PROS, Reno specialized primarily in the automotive, industrial manufacturing and chemical industries, and is now also focusing on the MedTech sector.

Gabor Toth, Senior Revenue Manager – Spire Healthcare

Gabor Toth
Senior Revenue Manager – Spire Healthcare

Gabor has spent the past four years working closely with various stakeholders in Spire Healthcare on the successful implementation and adaptation of each pricing solutions from PROS (Smart CPQ, Smart Price Management and Smart Price Optimization).
In his current role he also develops innovative and data-driven pricing models and strategies to drive sustainable business growth.