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Accelerating the Move to Digital for the Manufacturing Industry

Check out our new ebook to understand the phases of digital transformation required to optimize buying and selling experiences with CPQ and POM software for the manufacturing industry.

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Many manufacturers are faced with the reality that the way they buy, sell, and engage with customers has changed and continues to do so. Since COVID entirely disrupted the market, manufacturers must renew focus on digital strategies in order to grow the business, be competitive and meet the demands of the market. The need for digital transformation has never been clearer.

Moving forward with this transformation depends on where you are in terms of responding to the changes in the market:

  • Short-term: survival
  • Mid-term: sales enablement
  • Long-term: optimization

In our latest ebook, Accelerating the Move to Digital for the Manufacturing Industry, we describe the major characteristics of each phase and outline what businesses in the manufacturing industry must do to survive and thrive in their ongoing move to doing business digitally.

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