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Protect Your Pipeline: How eCommerce Helps Sales Leaders Mitigate Business Uncertainty

Is eCommerce part of your digital transformation strategy? Our latest eBook explains why B2B companies should adopt eCommerce to protect your sales pipeline and stay competitive.

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Businesses are experiencing tremendous upheaval today—from demand fluctuations and unpredictable buying behavior to rising costs and pricing pressures. 

B2B sales leaders are particularly challenged with how to accurately forecast, fill the pipeline, and drive sales velocity in times when traditional methods of prospecting and closing new business are hampered or no longer accessible.

That’s where eCommerce comes in. 

With a self-serve digital channel, your customers can begin, pick-up, or complete their purchasing journey seamlessly.

But eCommerce isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a matter of long-term survival. No longer limited to B2C, eCommerce adoption has accelerated in B2B markets with buyers taking charge of their own research and path to purchase. 

In fact, B2B eCommerce sales are predicted to reach $3 trillion by 2024.

Are you where your buyers are?

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The growing customer preference for self-guided purchasing experiences
  • The many benefits eCommerce delivers like keeping deals flowing and winning new business
  • The role eCommerce plays within the larger digital transformation journey.
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