AI-powered Pricing and Quoting by PROS + Microsoft 365 for Sales

Drive sales intelligence and acceleration in your business

For many companies, buying and selling processes have been slow to modernize. But manual practices and Excel sheets can’t keep up with a customer base that’s looking for a B2C-like buying experience from their B2B vendors.


of B2B buyers prefer personalized pricing.

-Inside Sales


chose the vendor that responds first.

-Inside Sales


An overall average of 43% of Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial customers prefer a rep-free experience.1


By 2024, 15% of B2B organizations will use digital commerce platforms to support both customers and sales reps in all sales activities.2


By 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.3


Omnichannel, data-driven selling: AI-powered Quoting by PROS + Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, AI-powered Quoting by PROS empowers sales organizations to deliver value from the moment the quoting process begins, all the way through the entirety of the customer relationship.

AI-powered Quoting by PROS extends your existing D365 for Sales platform, unlocking an omnichannel selling experience backed by meaningful insights that fuel stronger sales execution and growth.


Quotes requiring approval reduced from 80% to 50% for a cargo airliner.


There was $400M uplift in incremental revenue for a Fortune 50 tech company.

Accelerate your sales cycles and increase deal size with performance quoting

Enable your sales teams to create and manage quotes for all selling scenarios with speed and precision.

The right products. The right price. Every time.

By delivering the right offers – with accurate configurations – at prices your customers are willing to pay, they receive a superior customer experience, and your business gets what it needs most – closed, profitable deals.

Identify opportunities with existing customers

Powered by AI and machine learning, AI-powered Quoting by PROS puts a magnifying glass in your reps’ hands – giving them the visibility and tools to increase customer loyalty and wallet share simultaneously.

Develop impactful pricing strategies with cutting-edge AI

With AI-powered Pricing by PROS, D365 Sales organizations can deliver instant, personalized prices that are tailored for every unique buying and selling interaction, and coordinated with all your go-to-market channels.

Leverage dynamic pricing software for omnichannel experiences with Dynamics Pricing

Harmonize AI-powered algorithmic price strategies across all sales channels, optimizing processes to adapt with evolving business needs, market conditions, and customer expectations.

Personalize price recommendations for every buyer

Gain insight into the applied scientific segmentation model and supporting evidence of what your buyers truly value.

Automated pricing workflows for sales

Ensure price precision in quotes, agreements, and renewals by streamlining changes across your price lists with automatic price calculations.

PROS + Microsoft, better together

AI-powered solutions are built exclusively on Microsoft Azure, giving companies an integration that is scalable, customizable, and secure. The result is a leaner and more cost-efficient buying and selling process that fits neatly with the tools you’re already familiar with.

PROS Solutions are available and transactable on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Customers are eligible to receive the Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) Benefit, allowing them to apply their subscription dues toward their MACC and reducing their required spending with Microsoft.
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Proven integration success

Organizations from all over the world have experienced improved margins and greater operational efficiency with the PROS + Microsoft 365 integration.

PROS + Microsoft 365 set new margin precedent for global distributor

Graybar deployed price and cost guidance with the hope that AI-powered tools and machine learning could help them balance both sides of the margin equation. The result was a gain of 120 basis points – representing the first time in the company’s history in which they increased margins under inflationary pressures.

“PROS and Microsoft offer a huge opportunity for key brands to capture additional revenue by embedding AI and machine learning to better price their products across multiple channels and deliver in ways that buyers prefer to interact with brands.”

Ramy Fares

Head of Travel and Retail

Microsoft MEA

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