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Your customers want personalized and frictionless buying experiences. We get it. Our solutions power more than a trillion of those every year.

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1.5 Million in revenue the first quarter after implementation.

Results powered by PROS

Improved the value of optimization by around $20 million dollars per quarter.

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Results powered by PROS

We turned airline commerce on its head more than 30 years ago with smart data science. We’ve since revolutionized business for over 30 global industries with cutting-edge AI and a truly dedicated team.

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The world has changed.

Can you compete in the digital economy?

74 percent of B2B buyers now want to buy online, and 68 percent of customers choose their own web research over chatting with a sales rep. To navigate the market and win requires digital agility across every sales channel. You need to meet your customers where, when and how they want to connect. Are you ready?

Forrester: How AI Will Transform Sales

In this research report from Forrester, you’ll learn practical ways you can leverage A.I. in your sales process, how to use A.I. from pre-to post-sales to drive better customer experiences and more.

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Drive a More Personalized Buying Experience for B2B

Hanover interviewed 700 B2B decision-makers to gauge companies’ perspectives on delivering a better buying experience.

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PROS leads the machine-learning movement reshaping how the world does business

Smarter Selling

PROS AI – built on three decades of real-world experience and more than 900 implementations – delivers tangible business value. Proven, smart data science generates the right offer at the right price at the right time. Every time. Your win rates increase. Your revenue explodes. That’s the power of predictive and prescriptive guidance.

Personalized, Frictionless Buying

PROS highly scalable, dynamic platform cranks through complex configurations and processes huge volumes of data to hand you real-time dynamic pricing. Now you can smartly build brand loyalty and maximize every customer exchange for a big increase in win rates and revenue.

Intelligence, Adaptability, Agility

Our AI-powered solutions are purpose-built to solve complex business challenges. By extracting transformational insight from three decades of gathered data, we make the selling process smarter, more personalized and always profitable.

Customer-First Culture

Think of our science and industry teams as empathy experts: we feel your pain points and share your vision for growth and ongoing vitality. That’s why we co-create value with customers whose retention rates soar to more than 95 percent. Our global portfolio is filled with happy enterprises.

We build super smart solutions by hiring really brilliant people.

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