PROS Customer Success

When selecting a partner to meet your organization’s objectives, you want one that will be dedicated to your success beyond the sale. At PROS, we believe your investment in our partnership warrants our investment in your success.

Every customer who works with PROS receives a customized Customer Success Plan. These plans are created in collaboration with a Customer Success Manager (CSM), who partners with you to drive adoption throughout the life cycle of the project.

What You Can Expect as a PROS Customer

Success Planning

Together with your CSM, you will create a Customer Success Plan, which includes adoption goals, business objectives, and a roadmap to get there.

Executive Business Reviews

Periodically throughout the process, we will review business outcomes and execution with your executives to make sure expectations are being met and we are on track for success.

Education and Training

Our hands-on education sessions provide helpful information regarding product features and capabilities. We also offer a variety of training options based on your business needs.


Your success is our success. We we will recommend best practices, communicate any new features that might help you reach your goals, and provide previews of product roadmaps throughout your time with PROS.

The Adoption Journey

Your Customer Success Plan is an integral part in achieving your project goals. One of the ways we track against those goals is with our Customer Adoption Program.

Customer Adoption Program

PROS wants every customer to be wildly successful.

Key Points

  • Jointly define your Success Plan with your PROS Customer Success Manager
  • Monitor progress and proactively drive adoption & success with support from the PROS Customer Adoption Practice


Key three questions our industry-solution monitoring is focusing on:

For a more detailed, hands-on approach, we also offer in-person training sessions, either in a PROS classroom or on-site at your location.

  • Are you Adopting the solution?
  • Is Adoption driving Business Outcomes?
  • How can you drive more Adoption & Success?

Goal is continuous monitoring from Go-Live with regular check points linked to the Executive Business Reviews

Levels of Adoption

Adoption is key to value, and measuring is critical to ensuring your team understands their new goals and objectives. Together with your CSM, you will walk through these levels of adoption to make sure everyone is aligned towards the same milestones.

  • Usage – How much are we using the solution?
  • Adoption – Are we using it the RIGHT way to drive value?
  • Business KPIs – What is the trend in my key business metrics?
  • Return on Investment – How much is the project or solution impacting my key business metrics?
  • Benchmarking – How do I compare with my peers?

PROS teams provide advocacy, advisory, and support services ensuring value of your investment.