PROS Airline Revenue Management Software

Maximize revenue across every flight and every market

Deliver proven incremental revenue with the market-leading, AI-powered revenue management solution. Rest assured every RM decision is revenue optimal.

  • Capture customers’ willingness-to-pay confidently, backed by proven, industry-leading AI and science
  • Tackle demand fluctuations and market volatility with certainty—never leave money on the table
  • Arm analysts with best-in-class forecasting dressed in easy workflows, so they drive more value with less work

CUSTOMERS | Outperforming with PROS

The #1 airline revenue management solution in the industry

Whether your airline is large or small, leg- or segment-based, hybrid or full-service network carrier, we have the right RM solution for you.

OUTCOMES | Customer Results

Proven risk-free: PROS is the #1 RM partner in the market

Proven results


Average revenue uplift

Proven AI and data science


Boost in forecasting accuracy

Proven workflows


Increase of analyst efficiency

SOLUTION | Benefits

Harness the power of best-in-class forecasting

  • Make the best use of data: Let the system easily handle growing input sources from capacity, scheduling, competition, and more
  • Gain detailed visibility into your markets: Never miss a trend – deep dive into full Origin & Destination level forecasts, bookings and cancellations
  • Choose quality over quantity: Free analysts from manual tasks and reporting so they focus on strategy-building for their markets
  • Increase team efficiency: Speed up decision making with streamlined user workflows and minimal need for manual influences

TECHNOLOGY | Powered by AI and Science

Trust the most advanced AI in the airline industry

PROS AI is no black box. Enhance your revenue optimization capabilities and rest assured your analysts rely on proven data science. No buzzwords attached.

The Bayesian hierarchal forecasting technique has proven its ability to learn and quickly adapt to rapidly changing markets. Our 24+ scientists can tell you all about the math behind it.

Or have a look for yourself.

Start your journey from Revenue Management to Offer Optimization today

The industry is moving toward modern retailing. And so is airline revenue management. Keep up with change and start innovating. Today.

Integrate real-time accurate availability

  • Effectively manage your availability strategies and present consistent and accurate offers across channels
  • Leverage RM to tap into availability simulation, competitive strategies, revenue protection, and request compression

Capture demand with continuous pricing

  • Price adequately beyond the limitations of booking class codes and open untapped revenue opportunities between filed fares
  • Lay the ground for true dynamic pricing

Leverage willingness-to-pay science

  • Tap into willingness-to-pay forecasting and optimization to predict customer price sensitivity
  • Use price sensitivity to perform network and leg optimizations and adjust availability strategies

Price based on customers’ shopping context

  • Use customer attributes and request data to more precisely segment passengers
  • Provide targeted pricing in real-time based on the customer segment

PRODUCTS | Revenue Management

The right revenue management solution for you

Looking for more automation, dynamic pricing or just AI-backed decisions? PROS Airline Revenue Management cloud-based software is available in three editions to match your needs.

RM Essentials

Best fit for point-to-point carriers

If your airline forecasts and inputs fares at leg level, then this is the RM solution for you.

Optimization is done at leg level dynamic program, resulting in AUs.

RM Essentials + Network Add-on

Most preferred by hybrid carriers with expanding networks

If your airline forecasts at leg level and inputs fares at leg level using network optimization, then this is the solution for you.

Network optimization is done through linear program, leg optimization – through dynamic program, resulting in bid-prices or AUs.

RM Advantage

THE solution for hub airlines with growing O&D networks and hubs

If your airline forecasts and inputs fares at O&D or POS level, using customers’ price sensitivity, then this is the solution for you.

Network optimization is done through linear program, leg optimization – through dynamic program, resulting in bid-prices or willingness-to-pay optimization.

Determine the best RM solution for your airline today and in the future.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES | Services & Certification

Seize maximum RM value with PROS Services & Certification

Professional Services

Partner with PROS and ensure you are capitalizing on the latest RM and pricing best practices. PROS offers tailored professional services to ensure maximum ROI and operational efficiency.

Certification Program

Upskill your team with PROS industry-first RM Certification. Maximize the benefits of PROS RM solution by leveraging our comprehensive RM Certification Program.


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SECURITY | A Trusted and Secure Partner​

PROS Cloud & Security

Over Four Trillion Transactions a Year

PROS applications are deployed globally under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in a multi-cloud environment. Cloud providers include Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Housed in SOC2-certified data centers, it has the security and availability features you demand of a mission-critical
application, including monitoring and disaster recovery centers.

Beyond Secure

Compliant with GDPR, SSAE18 SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Control Matrix.

Built to Scale

Configured with elasticity to meet your performance
requirements, architected for high availability.

Seamlessly Integrated

Built to work within complex airline IT infrastructures.
Integrated with all industry standard APIs, including NDC, IATA PAOREQ, PAORES, EDIFACT and more. Out-of-the-box connectors that integrate with all standard PSS providers.