CUSTOMERS | Outperforming with PROS

Customers using PROS software outperformed the major market indexes by +20% in 2023

It’s a fact — companies using PROS software outperformed the major stock market indexes in 2023 by more than 20%. Quite frankly, we’re not surprised — the PROS Revenue Performance Management Platform (RPM) gives companies what some might call an unfair advantage over their peers.
What is the nature of this “unfair advantage?” Simply put, PROS software is a new category of software which enables companies to digitize their product catalog and then use that centralized catalog to automate quoting and leverage AI to fine tune their costs and pricing. This digitize-automate-intelligence process enables companies to manage multiple sales channels with ease; give their buyers the digital buying experience they are demanding; and use dynamic buying and pricing to optimize margin. The result? An AI-powered way to drive profitable growth. You’re welcome.

OUTCOMES | Customer ROI Study

Yet another software vendor telling you how they will deliver ROI so you can make a business case to your CFO … or is it?

Software vendors love to make ROI claims. But CFOs (and many other buyers) have become skeptical, because if they were to sit down and add up all the ROI claims from all the vendors they’re doing business with, they’d be running something like a 500% profit margin by now. And in a world full of LOLs, that’s a pretty big one.

Well, here we go — making our own ROI claims. But before you roll your eyes, give us a chance to tell you why you should pay attention to this one. First of all, we’re Texans, and if you know anything about the Lone Star state, you should know that we don’t like people who are “all hat and no cattle.” In Texas, your word is your bond, and whether you like it or not, you’re always going to hear the truth from us.

Secondly, these aren’t our numbers. We went to 131 of our customers and asked them to share the numbers that they are using internally to report on the effectiveness of the PROS RPM Platform. They submitted more than 400 data files to us, and we put team of data scientists to work to make sure it was as clean and truthful as possible — eliminating duplicates, unnecessary fields, and any outliers. And obviously, we’ve de-identified the data so that we could get an aggregate view and also protect customer confidentiality.

The results are pretty amazing. And specifically, there are three numbers that have us REALLY excited: 200, 67, and 8. Why? Because these numbers dimensionalize the success our customers are enjoying:

  • Average margin improvement of +200%
  • Average efficiency boost of +67%
  • Average revenue lift of +8%

But, to our customers, these aren’t just cold, hard numbers. They’re markers of real, business-transforming change. When it comes to ROI, lots of companies make promises, but we deliver. And with the digital age pushing businesses to lean more and more on data, these numbers are our way of saying, “Hey, we’re here for you. And we’re darn good at what we do.”

But wait ... there's more ... Forrester concludes that PROS software delivers a 400% ROI

Total Economic Impact is a methodology developed by Forrester Consulting, part of Forrester Research, which helps vendors to communicate the value proposition of their products and services.

For the PROS commissioned May 2023 study, Forrester interviewed a diverse set of customers from various industries, operating in different parts of the world, to ensure the results were applicable to companies of all shapes and sizes. For the purposes of this study, Forrester aggregated the interviewees’ experiences and combined the results into a single composite B2B organization. The interviewees noted that prior to using PROS, their organizations suffered from slow and outdated pricing strategies that they manually managed with spreadsheets and paper-based methods. The interviewees’ organizations struggled with slow and highly manual processes for updating pricing guides, and they lacked data and analytical capabilities required to improve strategies. As a result of these limitations, organizations lacked control over margin and revenue. Key results include:
  • 400% ROI over three years with a payback period of less than 9 months
  • Incremental revenue increase of 3% worth $2.8 million
  • Profit margin increase of 75 basis points worth $7.2 million

IMPLEMENTATION | The Time-to-Value Story

In a world which demands results in a hurry, PROS introduces quick activation with PROS PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick)

In an era where companies need to get rapid payback from their software investments, PROS unveils a new approach: PROS PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick). PROS PDQ is our in-house professional services methodology designed to help our customers get value from their software investment in the shortest time possible. And after hundreds of implementations, this is definitely not our first rodeo — we’ve learned how to git-r-done and start driving outcomes in true Texas giddyap fashion.

How does it work? The key to the PROS PDQ program is a set of pre-scoped packages which drive a significant reduction in services effort. These packages include adaptable data frameworks and pre-configured workflows that are rooted in best practices to enhance scalability. For companies that need access to prompt and actionable insights, PROS PDQ helps them activate PROS in weeks and get proven results in months, not years.

Challenges Addressed by PROS PDQ

Time-intensive Implementations: Traditional software deployments can stretch into months or even years, leading to financial strains and deferred ROI. PROS PDQ is the antithesis to this delay, focusing on swift action.

Complex Customizations: While bespoke software configurations can be advantageous, they can also be the bottleneck in rapid software rollouts. By offering pre-scoped packages, PDQ streamlines this aspect.

Resource Limitations: For organizations with limited IT resources, the rapid deployment model ensures less strain on internal teams.

Benefits of PROS PDQ

Cost Efficiency: Reduced implementation time often translates to reduced costs, both in terms of direct expenses and opportunity costs.

Agility: In dynamic markets, the ability to quickly pivot and adapt is crucial. PDQ allows for quick adjustments and alignment with market trends.

Competitive Edge: Quick software deployment gives businesses an edge, enabling them to outpace competitors who might be tangled in long-winded implementations.

The PROS team continually gathers feedback from each PDQ implementation. This iterative process means the methodology evolves and refines with each deployment, ensuring future clients benefit from the learnings of past projects.

PROS PDQ is not just a methodology; it’s a philosophy. It’s about recognizing the urgency of today’s business landscape.


24 hours


30 days


1-2 months

Iterative 2-week Sprints

12-24 weeks

CONTACT US | The Journey Begins

Got Enterprise AI? No?? Then it’s time to contact PROS and start outperforming.

At PROS our purpose is to empower people and companies to thrive in a continuously changing world. We do this by providing the most complete AI-powered RPM Platform (Revenue Performance Management) which enables intelligent decisions across the end-to-end commercial system, from planning and procurement to pricing, rebating, contracting, transaction processing, billing, and reporting & analytics.

When is it time to give us a ring (or a DM)? Well, maybe a competitor has automated and digitized their selling process, and you’re suddenly losing bids because their quotes are faster. Or maybe your margins are getting squeezed, but you don’t know how to implement a dynamic pricing strategy to pan for gold in your customer base. Or maybe … just maybe … you’re one of those innovative firms that knows it’s time to start implementing a RPM Platform in order to grow faster and more profitably so that you can outperform the stock market.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you and your company outperform. Talk to you soon.


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