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PROS Platform: Winter Release 2024

PROS AI Platform Release

Welcome to our blog post where we will take a deep dive into the highlights of our Winter Platform Release of 2024. In this release, we are excited to share a range of new features and enhancements that will empower our customers to maximize the value of our platform. So let's get started!

Release Roadmap Themes
PROS Platform Roadmap themes, graphic

  • Platform Capabilities
    One of the core themes of our platform release is focused on omnichannel platform features that span price management, CPQ, and price optimization. These features deliver connected workflows with the goal of providing a seamless experience for direct sellers, partners, pricing analysts, and revenue ops professionals. By offering tuned and tailored workflows, our platform ensures that our customers can leverage its capabilities to their fullest potential.
  • Customer Self-Service
    Another key theme in this release is customer self-service. We believe in empowering our customers to configure, tune, and utilize the capabilities across our platform. From data loading to optimizing pricing AI, our customers have the flexibility to customize their experience. This self-service approach allows for enhanced flexibility and more agile responsiveness to business changes.
  • AI and Analytics
    In the AI and analytics arena, we have made significant investments in our insights and AI capabilities. Our focus has been on areas such as enhanced Gen IV price optimization, explainable AI, and simulation validation. By harnessing the power of AI, we aim to provide our customers with actionable insights and improve decision-making across their pricing and selling processes.
  • Extensibility and Ecosystem
    Last but not least, we have prioritized extensibility and ecosystem integration. Our platform is designed to be extended by third-party developers, allowing for additional applications that enhance its power and value. Furthermore, our integration within the broader commerce ecosystem, including CRM and ERPs, ensures seamless interoperability and enhances mission-critical applications.

Watch an overview of The PROS Platform Release - Winter 2024

Introducing the Core Features

Within this Winter Release, we are introducing five core features or capabilities that will elevate the platform experience for our customers. Let's explore each of them:

  • Collaborative Quoting
    Collaborative Quoting screenshot

    Collaborative quoting is a self-service feature that enables our customers to publish quotes real-time to their customers with a very modern and mobile-friendly experience. This feature promotes a new, digital selling motion, opening up new possibilities in the CPQ market. By empowering sellers to create and share quotes, we aim to streamline the quoting process and enhance the overall selling experience.

    Watch this video to learn how you can leverage this Collaborative Quoting experience!

  • Ecosystem Integration
    PROS Platform ecosystem integration screenshot
    In this release, we have enhanced our integration with SAP HANA as well as SAP ERP. The new price-per-quantity feature ensures that our platform seamlessly handles pricing constructs native to SAP without any additional transformation. Additionally, we have obtained formal certification from SAP for our SAP HANA Cloud Connector, further strengthening our data integration between the PROS Platform and SAP.
  • CPQ Performance Improvements
    PROS Platform Configure Price Quote improvements screenshot

    Our team has focused on enhancing CPQ performance, particularly for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. By reducing the time-to-quote, we provide substantial time savings for sales reps. With up to a 30-40% improvement in performance, sellers can create and issue quotes faster than ever before, while reduce manual errors.
  • Attribute Influence Analytics
    PROS Platform Attribute influence analytics, screenshot

    As part of our commitment to AI and usability, we have introduced attribute influence analytics. This feature provides additional controls that allow our customers to better understand the science behind revenue and margin uplift numbers. By gaining visibility into the recommendations generated by our platform, customers can make more informed decisions and have increased confidence in their pricing strategies.

    Watch this video to learn how you can leverage this Attribute Influence Analytics experience!

  • Platform Resource Center
    PROS Platform Resource Center, screenshot
    To enhance self-service capabilities, we have incorporated the Resource Center into our platform. By embedding into our Smart Price Optimization and Smart Price Management applications, we now provide customers with a resource center containing valuable content such as new feature announcements and tour guides. This helps our customers learn how to properly use and leverage valuable features to glean more value from our platform.

    Watch this video to learn how you can leverage this Platform Resource Center experience!

Leveraging the Future

The Winter Platform Release of 2024 introduces a range of new features and enhancements that empower our customers to maximize the potential of our platform. From collaborative quoting to self-service data management, our focus on customer self-service, AI, and ecosystem integration ensures a powerful and tailored platform experience. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to invest in self-service capabilities and enhance the value our platform brings to businesses across industries.

For further details on the latest PROS Platform release, view the specific product highlights and release notes here.

For further training and release information, Customers and Partners can access PROS University here.

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