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PROS Wins 2024 Microsoft Global ISV Partner of the Year Award

At PROS, innovation and partnership have been longstanding pillars of our success. And we are deeply honored to accept the 2024 Microsoft Global ISV Partner of the Year Award. This award recognizes the most successful independent software vendor (ISV) to deliver clearly differentiated value and customer experiences through Microsoft’s cloud platform.

It is a testament to the hard work of our amazing teams—from R & D and engineering to product to customer success, alliances and more. The value our teams collectively deliver to our customers and partners every day to achieve profitable growth is real and scaling globally.  

“PROS – Microsoft joint development unlocks additional capabilities and drives digital transformation for our customers,” said President and CEO Andres Reiner. “We are thrilled to accept this Award as a testament to our proven track record of delivering value and top-notch customer experiences in conjunction with Microsoft over our 18+ year relationship.” 

Reiner continued, “In this era of AI, we continue to listen and learn from our customers. PROS and Microsoft’s collaboration across generative and predictive AI will ensure that the roadmap we create delivers the competitive advantage and profitable growth they demand. Make no mistake, the best from PROS and Microsoft is still to come.”  

Why does this matter? 

Strategic Collaboration 

PROS relationship with Microsoft extends beyond being a customer and vendor. As an AI innovation and technology developer and collaborator, PROS plays a pivotal role with Microsoft in driving innovation, transforming industries, and redefining how businesses operate. This win is a culmination of our joint efforts and further emphasizes PROS as a leading provider of AI-powered software that drives end-to-end profit and revenue optimization motions.   

As businesses continue to adopt digital sales technologies to help them compete in today’s rapidly changing environment, the combination of PROS Platform capabilities and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales are poised to meet this market demand. 

PROS Smart Configure Price Quote and PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management serve as the AI-powered pricing and selling fabric allowing Microsoft Business Applications to embed its capabilities into each selling experience. Built on Azure, the PROS Platform delivers the most comprehensive, intelligent solution to create AI-powered personalized offers within the existing Dynamics 365 sales motion, reducing friction so that companies can deliver winning offers, faster. 

Most recently, PROS built and launched a plugin for Copilot for Sales. This integration enables Copilot for Sales to deliver customer-specific information, insights, and quotes from PROS Smart Configure Price Quote (CPQ) directly into Outlook. PROS is the first Configure Price Quote ISV partner to have built and launched such an integration. 

PROS is also the only transactable and Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment  (MACC)-eligible ISV and the only Travel technology vendor with solutions for Configure Price Quote, Price Optimization and Management, Revenue Management, Group Sales and Real-Time Dynamic Pricing available on AppSource and Azure Marketplace. These PROS solutions run exclusively on Microsoft Azure to ensure our SaaS offerings are highly scalable, globally available, and always secure.  

Artificial Intelligence

In the world of Cloud Computing and AI, Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI sets it apart from other organizations. The Microsoft portfolio, research & development, and brand are truly transforming the way businesses operate, and PROS relationship with Microsoft further emphasizes our focus on AI innovation and collaboration as we prioritize next AI-powered solutions spanning generative and predictive AI to create better solutions for work. 

PROS predictive AI continues to provide customers with differentiated value and exceptional experiences as they look to drive profitability and outperform the market with enhanced sales automation and pricing intelligence. We’ll continue to work together to drive next innovations and enhancements that extend Microsoft solutions with a near-native experience for greater ROI for customers.   

Award Achievement 

The Microsoft Global ISV Partner of the Year Award is a rigorous and competitive process. Thousands of entries from partners across the Microsoft ecosystem were evaluated this year, and PROS commitment to excellence stood out among our peers and leading software companies worldwide. This achievement is further recognition of our longstanding collaboration with Microsoft, established in 2006 and reinvigorated in 2022 with a Strategic Alliance Agreement to accelerate the adoption of AI-powered digital selling. 

To read more about the award win, please see our press release at press release announcement. Additional details on the 2024 Microsoft Partner of the Years awards are also available on the Microsoft Partner blog