Can Advanced Pricing Really Save Your Margins?

For decades, airlines have successfully used advanced pricing algorithms to optimize prices and grow margins. In that same time, many B2B companies have seen their gross margins decline or even disappear in many sectors. Can this same advanced pricing approach help distributors and manufacturers reverse the trend and dramatically grow profitability?

Learn the truth in this important debate with John Bruno from PROS, Andy Hoar and Brian Beck from MasterB2B, and a panel of eCommerce experts as they discuss topics facing distributors and manufacturers today, such as:

  • What forces are putting downward pressure on gross margins for B2B companies and is pricing optimization really a viable solution?
  • What is the advanced pricing approach and where has it driven results in B2B settings?
  • Should B2B companies incorporate advanced pricing now, or is this something to be tackled later (in a more evolutionary way)?
  • Are B2B companies better off with their traditional pricing approaches and optimizing products/services and availability instead?
  • Is this a repeat of the human versus machine debate? Can algorithms truly understand situational context intelligently and adjust pricing effectively?
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