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The Fate of CRM and CPQ Solutions in the Age of Generative AI

Generative AI is developing fast. We can see many activities covered by CRM and even CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solutions that AI could enhance or even replace. In this webinar, PROS and our partner Walpole engage in an open discussion on whether we think traditional CRM and CPQ solutions have a future, and what does that future look like.

Key Topics:

  • What are the capabilities of generative AI that are most applicable in a CRM/CPQ context?
  • What are the CRM/CPQ activities where AI can have the biggest impact?
  • Assuming there is a future for CRM/CPQ, what might that future look like?


Dominic O’Regan
Senior Strategic Consultant – PROS
Dominic is an experienced Business Consultant and Sales professional with a solid track record of over 12 years in SaaS companies. He’s been helping companies across all industries in UK and Europe identify opportunities to improve margin and revenue performance through the implementation of pricing and sales optimisation strategies. Dominic holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Brunel University.

Ingmar Hermans, Senior Managing Partner Consultant – Walpole Partnership, headshot

Ingmar Hermans
Senior Managing Partner Consultant – Walpole Partnership
Ingmar has worked with CPQ technology since 2007 and had over 15 years of enterprise business experience at Kodak before joining Walpole Partnership as a business and IT consultant in 2013. His extensive experience in Sales, Service, Operations and Managerial Finance, has allowed Ingmar to develop a thorough understanding of the key challenges faced when automating Awareness-to-Cash business processes, particularly in B2B environments. Ingmar has delivered some of the largest and most complex pan-European and global CPQ implementations in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). As the Programme Manager at Walpole Partnership, he has led the team in a significant number of client projects, from initial project qualification, discovery and scoping, through to requirements gathering, full project- and managed service delivery, and then through to customer success management. Ingmar’s passion is helping clients to place core cloud IT technology, including CPQ implementation and integrations, at the heart of their business for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Subscription Management (SMC).

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