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Therapeutic Medical Device Company Alleviates Lethargic Sales

One of the world's largest medical technology firms has simplified and accelerated its quoting process to thrive in an increasingly complex healthcare industry.

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With a large product range that treats 70 health conditions, this company wanted to optimize its sales process with a single quoting system for sales reps that could be scaled across business units. The goal: simplify a complex pricing and promotion process.


With PROS CPQ solution, the company now has one, easy-to-use solution to handle renewals and upgrade scenarios with tons of new features like self-service quoting, automatic service contract and opportunity creation, upsell and cross-sell capabilities, and forecasting analytics.


An intuitive user interface makes the whole quoting process much simpler and facilitates user adoption. On the backend, administration is easier without any coding required. Automated pricing, approvals, and billing schedule generation now deliver quotes into the hands of customers faster with less hassle, accelerating the speed of business while improving the customer experience.

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