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Transforming the Business

Fireside chat with a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence, Daniel Hulme

The way B2B customers buy has changed more in the past six months than in the past 6 years combined. So how are businesses navigating the challenge of transforming themselves to better understand what their customers need? How are they delivering value? How are they building relationships in a world of more digital interactions than ever before? And how can they position themselves for rapid growth and market domination in the future?

Join us to find out and to discover:

  • The role of AI in eCommerce
  • Digital marketplaces
  • The future of trust and customer relationships
  • The changing role of B2B sales professionals

About the Speakers

Hamish Taylor

Former CEO of Eurostar & Sainbury's Bank / Former Head of Brands, British Airways

Daniel Hulme



Geoff Webb

Vice President of Product & Solution Marketing, PROS