Destination CRM: PROS Partners with CognitiveScale

May 12, 2017

Through the partnership, PROS’s commerce software will be enhanced with cognitive computing for increased personalization.

PROS, a cloud-based commerce software company, is partnering with CognitiveScale, a provider of industry-specific augmented intelligence software, to leverage cognitive cloud technologies that will enhance the value of PROS solutions.w

PROS applies data science and artificial intelligence to solve complex business problems, training its algorithms with best-practices data from real-world implementations. CognitiveScale will augment PROS’ data and science with artificial intelligence software inputs to help end users with highly personalized, intelligent, contextual, and evidence-based insights and recommendations. The integrated solution was designed on CognitiveScale’s open and extensible platform and populated with knowledge graphs, data sources, and trained models.

“Companies are entering a new era of digital business with buying experiences that are forever changed,” said PROS Chief Technology Officer Rob Reiner in a statement. “Cognitive algorithms and machine learning will enable competitive enterprises to create frictionless and personalized buying experiences across every customer channel. The personalized experiences of today will become the individualized, segment-of-one experiences of tomorrow, as cognitive algorithms and machine learning galvanize what customers expect from their purchasing experiences.”

“We are bringing scalable, practical artificial intelligence to the enterprise that pairs man and machine with intelligent user engagement and business processes,” said CognitiveScale CEO Akshay Sabhikhi in a statement. “Our software is industry-optimized and compliant and can support the most demanding enterprise workloads. PROS is at the forefront of the modern commerce experience, enabling companies to personalize the selling experience with speed, precision, and consistency across its sales channels. We look forward to enriching these engagements with inputs that deliver even richer contextual insights.”


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