Venture Capital Post: PROS to boost pricing capabilities by purchasing San Francisco’s SignalDemand for $13.5M

December 17, 2013-

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Publicly-traded sales analytics company PROS wants to enhance its price-recommendation capabilities through the acquisition of predictive analytics firm SignalDemand. The said deal is valued at $13.5 million, according to VentureBeat.

In a statement, PROS chief executive Andres Reiner said the acquisition deal will boost PROS’ pricing capabilities in the commodity industry. Reiner also said the deal will also help the analytics company provide better service to their customers amid the ever-changing markets.

VentureBeat said PROS’ software recommends prices and shows the probability of a purchase from a sales lead at various price points. SignalDemand’s software, on the other hand, is capable of pointing out the best prices to offer to clients in a way that maximizes profit margins. Other products tell manufacturers when to alter formulas or pinpoint to salespeople which products to sell, the report detailed.

SignalDemand is presently based in San Francisco. The firm employs around 40 workers, VentureBeat said in its report.


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