PROS Holdings CEO: Amazon rejection could be ‘one of the best things’ for Houston’s tech scene

Houston Business Journal

It might be best to think of the reve­nue Houston-based Pros Holdings Inc., one of the city’s most prominent tech­nology companies, as a happy face. The firm saw its total revenue hit about $185 million in 2014 before it started to fall after Pros began its transi­tion to a cloud-first software company in May 2015. Now, revenue is swinging upward as the transition continues. PROS’ total revenue in 2017 was $168.8 million, up 10 percent year over year.

PROS (NYSE: PRO) is one of Hous­ton’s largest publicly traded technol­ogy companies by revenue and has around 1,066 employees globally. The company sells business-to-business and business-to-consumer software that enables customers to price and sell their products and services at prices companies are willing to pay, based on their artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

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