PROS Launches Opportunity Detection, a New SaaS solution

September 18, 2017
by Sneha Nalawade

Houston: PROS, a cloud software company powering the shift to modern commerce, today launched Opportunity Detection, a new SaaS solution in its SellingPRO portfolio. Opportunity Detection drives sales growth with existing customers by identifying new opportunities that are instantly delivered to sales teams in their familiar CRM systems for immediate evaluation and action.

Using machine learning algorithms, Opportunity Detection mines transaction data for patterns in customer buying histories and identifies inconsistent purchasing behaviors; declining purchasing patterns; and cross-sell gaps in product purchasing when compared with similar customers. Opportunity Detection presents the results in an easy-to-use, actionable format that sales teams can evaluate from their CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics or

“In the digital era, companies are looking to deliver a modern commerce experience for their customers with a more personalized and frictionless sales process,” said Dan Tolan, PROS Vice President, Product Management. “Today, the customer is in control and fully informed, and the stakes have never been higher for sales teams. Companies that enable their sales teams to respond with speed, precision and consistency across all channels win the business and earn trusted advisor status with their accounts.”

Implementation for Opportunity Detection can be completed in as little as 30 days. When combined with other functionality, including SellingPRO Smart CPQ and PricingPRO Guidance, sales teams are fully equipped to identify an even greater breadth of sales opportunities and close deals faster by recommending the right products, at the right price for their customers. For example, a PROS distribution customer using Opportunity Detection identified more than 30,000 potential opportunities in just eight months and is now driving sales growth resulting in an incremental $6M in annualized revenue.

Companies that successfully execute a modern commerce strategy are better positioned to provide greater customer experiences and remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Opportunity Detection also helps companies build a modern commerce platform:

  • Personalized offers: Sales teams can proactively bring personalized suggestions to customers based on each customer’s individual buying behavior. Opportunity Detection also provides early insights to sales reps that they may need to strengthen relationships with specific customers or risk losing the business. Now, reps can develop an approach that provides an appropriate level of engagement to meet their customers’ expectations.
  • Algorithmic recommendations: Opportunity Detection recommendations are made based on machine learning techniques to ensure relevance and accuracy. The algorithmic foundations enable a sustainable program that’s not dependent on extensive manual involvement to maintain.
  • Frictionless selling: As sales reps proactively and successfully bring more new ideas to their customers, they build a level of trust by demonstrating an in-depth understanding of their business and can be counted on to make their jobs easier.

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