Smart Selling Tools: Top 40 Sales Tools of 2014

June 16, 2014-

By Nancy Nardin

Why We Like PROS Sales Effectiveness Solutions

What if you knew the best opportunities to close, which product will sell, and how to price to win?

With PROS you get data-driven customer insights that lift the performance of your entire sales team–from picking the right deals and prices, to quoting and closing–to ultimately fuel growth and boost profit. Sales reps and partners benefit from accurate and timely information about promotions and discounts tailored to each opportunity.


With PROS, you can measure sales force effectiveness based on negotiation results and statistics from each and every deal. You gain insight into how each sales rep is performing, not only against peers but compared to their potential. Automated reporting transforms data into actionable information to optimize performance by rep and account. The result: make smarter decisions, improve win rates and hit your targets.


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