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How AI Takes Manufacturing Sales to the Next Level

Manufacturing sales have changed forever. The wealth of data available now is staggering, but it can mean slow RFP responses, errors, and missed opportunities.

Find out how to achieve a powerful competitive boost throughout your manufacturing process, from product planning to resilient relationship building. Read the breakthrough e-book, “Drive more business: How AI takes manufacturing sales to the next level” from PROS and Microsoft. You’ll learn how the PROS Platform powers the agility, scale, and consistency you need in today’s hypercompetitive, hyper-informed market.

Find out how you can:

  • Accelerate quoting speed from weeks to minutes
  • Increase deal sizes with AI recommendations
  • Streamline your approval process
  • Get analytical insights for faster deal analysis and decision-making
  • Centralize management of all quotes and sales agreements
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Advance Your Manufacturing Sales Team With Cutting-Edge AI Powered Technology
Advance Your Manufacturing Sales Team With Cutting-Edge AI Powered Technology

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, PROS Smart Configure Price Quote removes inefficiencies ...

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Transforming Manufacturing Sales
Transforming Manufacturing Sales

Learn how manufacturers are transforming their sales end-to-end process with AI-powered insights.