PROS Platform

An Integrated Solution to Provide Intelligence to Commerce

The PROS Platform enables you to transform your end-to-end selling process—empowering your buyers to move seamlessly between traditional and eCommerce channels without any disruption to the buying process.

Built on an AI architecture, the PROS Platform infuses intelligence into every buying engagement, enabling you to deliver fast and personalized experiences for every buyer. The PROS platform integrates with all of your selling touchpoints—providing solutions that automate and accelerate the discovery and sale of products and services through sales representatives or even through a website.

Buyers icon Buyers Traditional, Digital, and Emerging Sales Channels
  • CRM
  • eCommerce
  • API
Actionable Insights Actionable Insights Actionable Insights

PROS Platform

  • Robust Product Catalogues

  • Product and Service Configurations

  • Performance Quote Management

  • Streamlined Sales Agreements

  • Sales Opportunity Insights

  • Omnichannel Price Management

  • Customer-Specific Price Optimization

  • Real-Time Price Delivery


Accelerate Your Selling Processes with the PROS Platform

The PROS Platform integrates with each of your sales technology tools whether a CRM, ERP, or eCommerce portal or platform to expedite and streamline the buying process for your customers.

At the very core of our platform is the raw data from which we derive useable insight for your business. Think of this as the “oil” that we can refine to help power the decision-making process. This data will exist in many formats and many locations, but by creating a big data lake, we can process and extract intelligence from the data which can be delivered to your decision-makers.

On top of that data lives the PROS AI engine. This engine uses algorithms and models that have been specifically designed to solve the complex business challenges our customers face. This AI engine analyzes and learns from the data. It looks for patterns and intelligence that enable better business decisions. The role of the AI engine is critical because, with the volume of data, the complexity of information, and the rate of change of that raw data, it’s simply too great for a human to manage.

The insights PROS delivers via our purpose-built solutions enrich and drive whatever task is being undertaken – whether that’s how to price products and services, deciding what products to offer to a particular customer, or determining how to bundle and sell solutions in a rapidly changing eCommerce environment. This ability to process large amounts of data in complex environments and deliver prescriptive insights that fuel better business decisions is what makes the PROS approach to powering the move to digital commerce unique and so effective for our customers.

Percentage of orders placed on Saint-Gobain’s eCommerce Platform

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After COVID-19

Before COVID-19

10% 80%
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

It takes a lot to digitally transform your business — which makes choosing the right AI-powered platform a critical decision. PROS solutions have helped many of the world’s leading businesses transform their sales process with experience, focus, and knowledge. See it. Believe it. Start your journey next.

Saint-Gobain: Increased eCommerce platform orders to 80%, compared to 10% prior to COVID-19.

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