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FreightBreak: Pricing for the Sale

Step one, analyze. Step two, price. Step three, execute.

When you’re in the cargo and freight business, it’s not always as easy as 1, 2, and 3. The pricing process isn’t always transparent and sales leaders aren’t always enabled to close the deal. To win deals and reduce lost opportunities, pricing and quoting need to work seamlessly together and everyone on the team needs to be armed with the right information at the right time so you can move ahead of the competition.

Join the PROS experts as they walk you through how to better execute on pricing strategies to realize revenue growth and profitability potential

  • Focusing on the right opportunities
  • Growing sales smarter
  • Pricing each offer to win

About the Speakers


Kayla Murray is a Solutions Specialist at PROS. Her work at PROS has focused on price optimization projects primarily within the origin and destination (O&D) space including intermodal networks, FTL and LTL trucking, and air cargo carriers. Alongside start-to-finish implementations, she has designed and configured working prototypes for complex and custom configurations critical to the success of both pre and post go-live customers. In addition to her role in Professional Services, she has lead PROS’ Segmentation and Pricing Guidance product training courses, including an introduction session for current and           potential customers during PROS Outperform 2015.

Matt Bennett is a Project Manager with PROS Professional Services. His work at PROS has focused on pricing execution, margin and revenue optimization, and pricing analytics within the origin & destination and food & agriculture industries. He has architected and delivered a pricing optimization and execution solution for an international, LTL freight services provider to discount more effectively on line haul rates and fuel surcharges and analyze historical operational performance. In addition to his role in Professional Services, he leads a pricing strategy cases study at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business as part of the PROS Academic Outreach Program.

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