Airline Digital Transformation: Retail Strategy Success Remains Nascent

David Kaplan ,

Just 8 percent of airlines report more than three years of engagement in digital transformation efforts, says PROS, while Diggin Travel finds that the need to grow ancillary dollars and develop clear dynamic pricing strategies is more intense than ever.

The State Of Airline Digital Transformation
The state of airline digital transformation in 2019 gets two deep dives in separate global studies released this month by Diggin Travel, a content platform and airline e-commerce marketing consultancy, and by PROS, which has evolved from a revenue management services company to a broader AI-based airline retailing systems platform.

The main takeaway from PROS’ State of Airline Digitization: Expectations Meet Reality, which was based on a survey of over 400 airline decision-makers by Hanover Research, is that only 8 percent of carriers have reported more than three years of engagement in digital transformation efforts.

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