When Digital Transformation Stalls: 8 Questions to Ask

Carla Rudder,

Don’t be intimidated by the much-debated failure rate of digital transformation: You may just be stalled. Ask these questions to determine the fix

2. How will this effort impact our customers?
“To be successful, digital transformation efforts need to start and end with the customer. Choosing to focus on modernizing technology and improving operations results in a win for the company but rarely result in significant improvement in overall customer experience quickly enough to justify the efforts and potential upheaval involved.

“As a result, these projects tend to underperform or outright fail simply because the benefits of making internal operations more efficient take longer to reach the customer – and increase the chances of customers getting drawn away by competitors who are more customer-experienced focused. When IT leaders choose a customer-centric approach to digital transformation, C-suite leaders and stakeholders are more likely to support the project, and critically, are likely to see positive overall impacts far sooner.” – Geoff Webb, VP of strategy at PROS.

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