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PROS Alliances Executive to Keynote Brazilian Pricing Conference

HOUSTON, April 5, 2011 – PROS (NYSE: PRO), the world leader in business-to-business pricing and revenue management software, today announced that Sundeep Goel, vice president of alliances, will deliver the keynote address at the Habber Tec Pricing Excellence Conference. Scheduled for April 6, 2011, the event will be held at São Paulo’s Hotel Blue Tree Premium Berrini.

Habber Tec, based in São Paulo, is a systems integrator and software reseller with operations in Brazil, Spain and Portugal. The event attracts participants from paper, automotive, medical and consumer packaged goods businesses.

Goel’s address – titled “Driving Pricing Excellence in a Changing Global Economy” – will underscore how enterprise-class organizations are improving sales, marketing, product and pricing decisions that result in increased margins, all through prescriptive pricing guidance. He plans to offer specific insights and success stories about new methodologies that industry-leading companies are using to improve their business agility, amidst intense competitive pressures and increasing volatility in the commodities markets.

“No company is immune to the rapidly changing dynamics in today’s global marketplace,” said Goel. “As evidenced by the pricing challenges we’ve seen across-the-board from our own customers, we understand how these organizations are harnessing the power of pricing to drive sustainable profitability, grow market share and ultimately deliver even better service to their customers.”

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