Price Optimization & Management

The market is forever in flux. So, we build AI-powered pricing strategy tools that auto-tune to every turn, driving revenue AND margin growth. That’s the PROS machine-learning advantage: every interaction fully optimized.

Quickly deliver optimized prices to sales teams and partners

Companies can win in today’s market with a price optimization strategy that not only quickly delivers the perfect price, but also cultivates a simple, customer-empowered buying experience. We’ve applied three decades of deep data-science experience to make that possible.

PROS Pricing Science Hands the Keys to Monetizing Differentiated Value

Leverage best-in-class statistical algorithms to design your price segmentation strategy.

Generate the Right Price

Deliver real-time, optimized pricing that continuously incorporates up-to-date market information.

Gain a Clear View

Enable confidence in every recommendation with transparency into underlying data.

Discover a Smart-Science Advantage

Measure adoption and leverage analytics for sales coaching opportunities.

Centralize Price Governance

Protect price attainment by delivering a comprehensive, scalable price strategy ready for customer interaction across all channels.

Master Your Channels

Harmonize prices across customers, contracts and channels through a Master Price List.

Simplify Your Strategy

Enable simple maintenance of your price strategies with guided formula building and modification.

Supercharge Your Pricing

Codify your price strategies to incorporate dynamic variables.

Enable Price Discipline and Visibility

Digital channels drive new levels of buyer transparency. Maintain control through a rational, omnichannel pricing strategy that protects your profitability and fosters trust in your customer base. Deliver competitive pricing with sub-second, real-time price calculation.

Accelerate Approvals

Align price guidance and governance to approval workflows to protect price attainment.

See the Solutions

Instantly identify revenue and profit leakage problems.

Grow Confidence

Prevent and reduce pricing errors through alerts that identify extreme pricing changes.

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Pricing Products

Control: Price Management

Discover dynamic pricing management that revolutionizes how you formulate and deliver winning pricing strategies.

Guidance: Price Optimization

See how prescriptive pricing guidance built on cutting-edge AI can optimize your pricing game.

PROS Platform

An Integrated Solution to Provide Intelligence to Commerce

Explore the Platform
  • Robust Product Catalogues
  • Performance Quote Management
  • Sales Opportunity Insights
  • Market Segment and Customer-Specific Price Optimization
  • Product and Service Configurations
  • Streamlined Sales Agreements
  • Omnichannel Price Management
  • Real-Time Price Delivery

Looking for the PROS Platform for airlines? See it here.

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