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Maximizing Revenue, Profits & Loyalty in the Aftermarket Industry

This brief outlines how aftermarket companies can drive digital transformation with the best dynamic price optimization, management, selling, quoting, insight, and analytic software solutions.

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Growth in a Challenging Market

In today’s digital and post-COVID environment, buyers and dealers do not solely care about the products and services they are offered — it’s also about the experience that comes with them. In response, aftermarket companies must deliver a streamlined, omnichannel, end-to-end experience. What does this look like? Tailored quotes, agreements, optimal prices, user-friendly interfaces, accurate information, and anticipation of customer requirements – all in real-time.

To deliver this ultimate experience while simultaneously maximizing profits, revenue, loyalty, and competitive differentiation, aftermarket companies of every kind have looked to harness the power of Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is ultimately about unlocking the power of AI technology to be more proactive to customer needs and requirements, more agile in response to market changes, and smarter in response to competitors.

To grow revenue and improve margin, aftermarket companies should focus on the process of delivering the best possible buying experience. In other words, they must transform the process of selling from design, pricing, all the way through to delivery.   These improvements will not only improve revenue and market share, they will defend against disruptive competition and offer a critical first-mover advantage.

PROS provides a single, dynamic, scalable, AI-powered commerce platform that enables aftermarket companies to optimize end-to-end sales performance, offering an exceptional, frictionless, and personalized customer experience. Our platform provides analytic, pricing, and selling solutions that seamlessly integrate into your ERP, CRM, and eCommerce systems.

Top 5 Insights in this Executive Brief

  1. By transforming pricing, the parts division of a heavy equipment manufacturer improved margin by $10M in one year, in a single business unit.
  2.  With new sales processes, a global 1,400-dealer aftersales company reduced the average time to configure/place an order from 30 days to 1 day.
  3. With streamlined processes, the largest parts dealer network in North America improved agility and customer satisfaction.
  4.  A parts manufacturer which successfully distributes to 4 different continents improved margin and increased revenue by identifying and addressing underperforming customers.
  5.  A global manufacturer doing business in 140+ countries achieved a faster time-to-market by being able to process over 70% of dealer orders through their online dealer portal.

Additionally, Learn How PROS Enables Aftermarket Companies to...

  • Optimize Part Pricing and Supersession Analysis
  • Price and Manage Kits
  • Manage Global Pricing and Grey Market Risk 
  • Improve Decisions with Predictive and Forecasting Science
  • Increase Customer Engagement, Satisfaction, and Retention
  • Empower Dealers for Better Customer Service
  • Take Prescriptive Actions to Increase Sales
  • Eliminate Organizational Silos
  • Win with Subscription Service Models
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