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Optimizing Shopping and Selling Experiences with The PROS Platform for Manufacturing

See how the PROS Platform helps businesses in the manufacturing industry make every buying experience more personalized and ever transaction more profitable.

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Manufacturing customers need fast, personalized, relevant, and compelling products and offers. These demands have led to digital transformation and the development of new business models that focus on customer interactions. The PROS Platform empowers manufacturers to digitally transform the sales process to optimize customer experience and outperform competitors.

PROS Smart Configure Price Quote for the Manufacturing Industry:

  • Handles complex product and service configurations
  • Improves overall quoting speed and accuracy
  • Produces large-volume quotes with ease and efficiency

PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management for the Manufacturing Industry:

  • Eliminates pricing inconsistencies and errors on both simple and complex configurations
  • Provides market-relevant prices on time, in the channel your customer prefers
  • Incorporates external data into pricing strategies to stay competitive

The PROS Platform enables you to make every buying experience personal and every transaction more profitable. Buyers purchasing patterns are rapidly evolving and with PROS, improved personalization, speed, and consistency will allow your business to soar in the digital era.

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