Taking Control of Parts Business in Manufacturing

For manufacturers with substantial parts catalog and multi-channel parts distribution, parts business is an important piece of the product life cycle and a not-insignificant revenue and margin driver. However, with the challenges companies face today in meeting growth objectives, from improving sales effectiveness to dealing with more complex engagements with savvier customers, the parts topic is often not considered in earnest until a customer calls looking to get one.

Getting down to the components of a product that was sold three years ago is not always an easy task. If a customer is facing a work stoppage because they have to wait for replacement parts for essential machinery, customer satisfaction and loyalty will suffer, no matter how smoothly the initial sales engagement went. In addition, manual and disconnected parts sales processes are just another way to leave easy money on the table. Ordering parts should be painless for the buyer and the seller with very low cost to sell and high margins.

Leveraging CPQ for Parts Sales

One answer to the parts challenge is to leverage Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to create a multi-channel, eCommerce style platform for part sales that can extend to distributors and re-seller networks.

A manufacturing-ready CPQ solution allows your channel sellers to deliver a consistent buying experience, regardless of where customers are purchasing the parts. If you are considering CPQ for parts business, one important capability to look for is the ability to scan in and display interactive exploding parts diagrams. By scanning the part image, matching it to your part number list from your ERP system and automatically creating the diagram, you can also efficiently transfer all your parts information into your online sales tools, helping make your CRM system a true single system of record.

Once the diagrams are in place, customers, partners and sales people can now easily find, select and order the correct spare part or parts using the graphically interactive parts diagram. They can use the interactive viewer to browse the breakdown of complex products directly from the product page.

To learn more about how multi-channel CPQ is helping manufacturers gain control of their parts business, check out the full presentation from Dreamforce 15 below.

Also, view the on-demand webinar Multiple Channels, One Experience: Maximize Revenue and Customer Satisfaction, with SellingPower and PROS to learn more about multi-channel CPQ eCommerce.

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