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Don’t Just Buy Products, Partner with PROS to Build Your Own

Two airlines discuss how they use the PROS platform to buy and build the products they need

The world of PROS Offer Marketing has expanded beyond simply selling products to airlines. We have grown to provide modular solutions that enable airline developers to build the exact solutions to meet their specific needs. You can now choose to not only buy an airModule, but build your own using airWire on the PROS Platform, or work with 3rd party partners on our ecosystem to create custom products. From fare endpoints to unlimited packages, we discuss the future of PROS products and how airlines have more options than ever to enhance their Offer Marketing strategies.

PROS customers Japan Airlines and Copa Airlines joined us at Outperform for a panel discussion on how they are strategically using the PROS Platform to meet their goals.

Japan Airlines logo

Japan Airlines is known as a carrier in Japan, but they have a network from Asia connecting in Tokyo then flying to through North America and needs to capture demand for travel between the U.S. and Asia. With airTRFX they have been able to deploy high-performance landing pages with dynamic fares for every route and have since launched Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and email campaigns with dynamic fares powered by PROS.

When Japan Airlines wants to showcase their best fares, they use airModules which are portable to any web page, outside of the airTRFX pages. They have recently launched their Guide to Japan with inspirational travel information, as well as airModules to ensure any demand on these pages is able to easily convert.

Japan Airline’s Head of Global Experience shares how the airline has evolved its use of PROS products and where he thinks they will be in a few years as their needs change:

Copa Ailrlines logo

Copa Airlines is one of PROS’s most active customers and has utilized all of our Offer Marketing products. They first introduced dynamic fares to their website using airTRFX in 2016, and saw the SEO benefits of the airTRFX responsive pages.

Now, instead of PROS building 100% of the solution and then integrating, Copa is able to use airWire APIs and develop their own customized digital experience across not only their website but also their app and their booking engine and the booking flow. The airline has built their own internal design system and integrates with PROS using airWire Plus.

Copa’s Director of Digital Products shares their journey with PROS and how they have evolved to have more control and capabilities:

“Instead of us spending the very precious time we have to develop core things for Copa, we let PROS build that airModule and we just can plug it in. I find myself often making decisions like that, saying we’ll let PROS do it for a while and then we’ll take it over, and then we never take it over because there’s something more important later and because it works and we don’t need to make any changes there.”

Diego Morales
Director of Digital Products, Copa Airlines

Watch the full session on strategies to build with the PROS Platform

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