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How Hyatt increased bookings with custom pages & personalized offers


Traffic into the Booking Flow

The Hyatt Inclusive Collection represents a group of 7 Inclusive Collection brands, including 100+ hotels and resorts across Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. By using airTRFX to build Custom Pages, the Hyatt Inclusive Collection was able to quickly deploy booking pages with dynamic offers across all of their properties.

HYATT Inclisuve Collection logo
These pages had a 50.3% increase in visitors checking availability when compared to other website pages; this means that more visitors are searching for available rooms on these pages and moving forward through the booking flow. These pages are ideal for digital marketing campaigns to promote specific regions, properties, and travel interests.

The result: more high-quality traffic to the resort booking engine, and more direct online bookings.

Booking pages for digital campaigns

To increase high-quality traffic and conversions, the Hyatt Inclusive Collection used airTRFX to:

  • Quickly launch customized booking pages with real-time rates for every property at scale.
  • Promote dynamic offers for promotions and themed travel.
  • Optimize search engine performance (SEO) of booking pages.
  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns to promote booking pages to guests.

Custom pages were created to reflect popular trip interests by theme, such as the example below of “Cancun Bachelorette Party.” Creating these pages is done simply without IT involvement or any integrations. By having a dedicated page with booking modules, the Hyatt Inclusive Collection can launch Instagram, Facebook, Search, and Display campaigns to promote this travel theme to likely travelers and make it easy for them to complete their booking.

Custom Pages display dynamic room rates, as well as promotions the Hyatt Inclusive Collection offers, such as their “Last Fling Before The Ring Package”. By using these booking pages to showcase room rates and special packages, the Hyatt Inclusive Collection can increase awareness of all they have to offer travelers for trips they are interested in.

Booking pages for popular travel searches

The Hyatt Inclusive Collection created a variety of Custom Pages for answers to the question: What would you like to do on your next vacation? Each bullet point in the image below represents a Custom Page for a different traveler’s interest. By indexing these pages, they can perform for these popular search terms, such as “All-inclusive Island Resorts” and “Romantic Getaways for Couples”.

These keywords are popular search terms, so by having dedicated pages the Hyatt Inclusive Collection ensures that booking pages are available for trips people are searching for.

Booking Pages at Scale

In addition to Custom Pages for campaigns, the Hyatt Inclusive Collection can launch pages by region, country, and property. These pages market their best available room rates to guests and link directly to their booking engine.

Displaying dynamic rates improves the performance of paid search, organic search, social media ads, display/programmatic ads, and email marketing for hotel properties. The focused goal of each of these tools is to increase direct channel bookings, encourage customer loyalty, and help maintain customer relationships.

With this tactic, every property has dynamic booking pages to use in their promotions, and the Hyatt Inclusive Collection can deploy promotions for groups of properties by region or theme.

We’re Here to Help

The Hyatt Inclusive Collection was not alone in creating these Custom Pages. PROS and our service partners provide guidance to internal teams or execute page development requests as needed. Our service partners can provide the following:

  • Product setup & configuration
  • Custom Page Creation
  • Custom assets & web design
  • Web development hours
  • Content creation & translations

Additionally, our team of Search Engine Marketing experts can manage your SEM campaigns to optimize performance and search engine traffic.

We also provide integrations for ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Display & Banner ads, retargeting ads for previous website visitors, and email advertising.

These services are available without involving internal IT teams and do not require any integrations.

*Not an actual ad, provided as a visual aid for Instagram Marketing strategies

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