Pricing visualization and eCommerce Modules

Conversion-oriented, engaging, and interactive widgets dynamic offers that can be deployed on any webpage.

Choose how to display your best offers

airModules display the best available real-time prices, and can also show fares in rewards points or cabin classes, as well as other offers, like car rentals and vacation packages.

Promote loyalty programs with Reward Miles airModules

Maximize exposure of your loyalty program and incentivize members to engage and redeem while motivating new users to enroll. To drive more value out of your airModules, integrate both dollar and miles/points into a single airModule to allow user to see all the options they have to make their purchases.

Display Premium Offers by adding Branded Fares and Cabin Classes

Airline marketers can showcase additional offers for Cabin Classes and Branded Fares to promote the benefits of premium cabins and enhance the personalization of their customer’s experience.

Examples of additional fare categories:
Cabin Class: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First.
Branded Fare Classes: Economy Saver, Economy Flex, etc.

Offer payment plans to attract more customers

PROS partners with Uplift to display affordable monthly payments. By offering flexible payment solutions, brands can enable customers to book now and pay over time. With this integration, low monthly payments are displayed next to the real-time fares within each airModule.

Provide travelers with a seamless booking experience and boost the revenue generating potential of any page.

Settings Personalization

Settings by Template (Context) and Viewport (Desktop vs Mobile).

Cross-Browser Support

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.


Multi-language support.

Accessibility Compliant

WCAG 2.0 – AA Compliance.

Performance Tracking

Performance KPIs support Impressions | Flights Search Initiation (FSI).

Performance Optimized

Reduced bundle weight, lazy loading, images optimization.

Theme Personalization

Brand guidelines personalization based on: Colors | Typographies | Utilities.

Multiple Redemption Unit Variations

Cash, Miles, Points.

Responsive Design

UX/UI, Mobile-first, and adaptive.

Create your own with the airModules Builder

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Deploy customized airModules in minutes with the airModules Builder. Select specific routes or rooms, travel dates and configure to suit your marketing campaigns.

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