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Aprolis Group Shortened its Sales Cycle with a PROS Smart CPQ Solution


Boost Administrative Productivity

Sales teams manually produced orders from printed catalogs. Logistics follow-up was also performed using paper documents. The amount of time devoted to these tasks and the resulting errors had become very costly to Aprolis.

Produce Standardized and Reliable Commercial Proposals

Aprolis’ commercial proposals lacked consistency in how they were defined and presented. They varied considerably depending upon the sales manager or the branch location. Additionally, national customers did not receive the same information across Aprolis’ local contacts. Furthermore, pricing rules were not uniformly applied across all sales channels. Proposals for the rental or sale of complex products required validation by multiple departments. Aprolis needed to produce more reliable commercial proposals and reduce technical costs.

Coordinate Sales Operations

Aprolis did not have the capabilities to monitor and coordinate sales operations. Improving visibility for sales forecasts and commercial activity were also critical for the development of its business.


Aprolis chose the PROS Smart CPQ solution, specifically with the product configuration integrated into its sales force automation application.

The solution is deployed across Aprolis’ entire network in France, serving 100 users and 75% of the staff (sales and back office support) who use it daily for a variety of sales operations activities:

  • Selling new configurable products and assisting customers with optimizing their equipment fleet.
  • Developing catalogs and information for sales staff.
  • Implementing balanced scorecards for marketing.
  • Improving logistics and sales dashboards

“PROS Smart CPQ is the core tool of our new sales process that enables us to produce more reliable and professional commercial proposals, boost administrative productivity, and improve our image and customer satisfaction.”

STÉPHANE MOTARD Studies-Information Technology, Director, Aprolis


For Customers

  • Improved, consistent experience across sales channels.
  • Shorter response and delivery times. 

For Sales Teams

  • More time to focus on customer relationships and upselling.
  • Shorter sales cycle.
  • Quick and accurate quote creation with an automated approval process. 

For Aprolis

  • Increased sales team performance.
  • Improved operational efficiency with mobile solution.
  • Consistent, reliable, accurate product information.
  • Advanced coordination of sales operations.
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