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Outperform LIVE! Illuminating Crescent Electric's Pricing Processes

Crescent Electric Supply Company (CESCO) is an electrical supply distributor that was founded in 1919. Over it's many years in business they have expanded to over 150 locations across the United Stated and have remained family owned.

CESCO was experiencing a need for automatic pricing and turned to PROS to help them solve a few core challenges, including:

  • Pricing based on stagnant data and gut feelings.
  • Difficulty selling price changes to the sales team.
  • The pricing goals of the team exceeded the previous solution's capabilities.

In partnership with CESCO, PROS helped identify solutions that would help with these challenges. Key features such as analytics dashboards that helped to measure adoption of prices across the sales organization and a centralized approach to price management to help the pricing strategy adapt to change so the solution can grow and adapt with the business decisions.

In working with PROS, CESCO has experienced:

  • Margin gains through data-driven recommendations.
  • Pricing accountability across the company.
  • Increased focus on high value tasks.

To learn more about PROS in other industries, watch the full Outperform LIVE! PROS Solutions in action session here.