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Enhancing Quote Efficiency: How Groupe DEYA Benefits from the PROS Collaboration Portal

Watch this video to hear how Groupe DEYA, a trusted PROS customer for over two decades, uses the PROS Collaboration Portal to collaborate with their end users and streamline their overall quoting process.

Video Highlights:

  • 0:00 - Who is Groupe DEYA?
  • 0:42 - What business challenges prompted you to look for a CPQ solution and how did you ultimately decide that PROS was the clear choice?
  • 1:36 - How does PROS integrate into your internal systems and how does our collaboration portal make it easier for you to collaborate with your end users on custom configurations?
  • 2:54 - Groupe DEYA has been a PROS customer for over 20 years. What is behind the long-term success of the DEYA-PROS partnership?
  • 4:02 - What value does PROS bring to Groupe DEYA?
  • 5:02 - What lessons or ideas are you taking back to the DEYA team from Outperform?