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Outperform LIVE! Scale, Efficiency, and Governance with Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare delivers high-quality healthcare to self-pay and National Healthcare System (NHS) patients across the UK in the areas of neurology, general surgery, orthopedics, oncology, and gynecology. PROS and Spire Healthcare started their journey together in 2020. The pricing team at Spire Healthcare realized that they needed to move away from spreadsheets, binders, and post-it notes to be more efficient in their pricing and selling processes.

In this Outperform LIVE! session learn how Spire Healthcare is solving three key challenges:

  • Scale: Pricing control of a large number of price points.
  • Efficiency: Price management with a small team.
  • Governance: Traceability and controls

by utilizing PROS Smart Price Optimization features such as price list management, leader follower pricing, and controlled approval processes.

To learn more about PROS in other industries, watch the full Outperform LIVE! PROS Solutions in action session here.