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Outperform LIVE! AI-powered Pricing with Highline Warren

Highline Warren is a manufacturer and distributor for oil, chemicals, and consumable products in the aftermarket auto industry. With 20 nationwide manufacturing and distributing sites, 200 million gallons of oil manufactured annually. At Highline Warren, 2 companies have merged causing 40% of revenue to come from the distribution side and 60% to come through the manufacturing side.

Highline Warren partnered with PROS to solve a few critical challenges, including:

  • 4 Different ERPs that were caused as a result of many acquisitions.
  • High Volume of Products
  • Monthly Price Changes
  • Lack of Price Harmonization (across channels, brands, etc.)
  • Lack of Analytical Insight into Pricing

With these challenges, PROS knew that Highline Warren needed AI-powered Pricing. Highline Warren created a feedback loop that starts with PROS Smart Price Optimization and the business rules, then the price recommendation is given to the sales team through various ERP's, and then the data of the selected price is passed back to PROS to be taken into consideration for future pricing recommendations. This allows the Highline Warren team to easily understand and have visibility into how each price is set in each channel.

With PROS, Highline Warren has experienced great results, including:

  • AI-Driven Pricing: PROS Price Optimization envelope provides Highline Warren with tailored AI-generated price recommendations for each product and customer.
  • Improved Price Execution: Boosts seller confidence for more effective pricing strategies.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy integration, unifies multiple ERPs.
  • Enhanced Pricing Governance: Instills pricing discipline and intelligence for strategic consistency.
  • Margin Insight: Offers visibility into margin leakage and identifies improvement opportunities.

To learn more about Highline Warren's relationship with PROS, view the customer testimonial here. If you're interested to see PROS in action in other industries, watch the full Outperform LIVE! session here.