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Turbocharging Profitability: Borg Automotive’s Price Management Journey

Discover how Borg Automotive, Europe’s largest independent remanufacturer of automotive spare parts, transformed their pricing strategy with PROS. Learn about their challenges, must-haves, and the growth opportunities that lie ahead.

Video Highlights:

  • 0:00 - Who is Borg Automotive?
  • 0:43 - What business challenges were you facing prior to looking for a software solution?
  • 1:21 - Prior to PROS, how were you able to price the sheer number of SKUs within Borg Automotive?
  • 2:01 - What were some "must-haves" in your software solution and vendor?
  • 2:39 - What made PROS stand out in the buying process?
  • 3:27 - What can you now do with PROS that you couldn’t before?
  • 4:26 - How is Borg Automotive planning to grow with PROS in the future?