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Outperform LIVE! Fonterra's Real-Time Pricing Engine Success

Fonterra is a publicly traded, multinational New Zealand dairy company with revenue that exceeds NZ $22B. As the largest company in the nation, they have a unique business model and outlook on the world. Fonterra is a co-operative, owned and operated by farmers with the shared goals of sustainability, innovation, and spreading the goodness of New Zealand dairy around the world.

For several years, Fonterra has been a valued partner of PROS, and as more and more business was occurring via eCommerce, Fonterra approached PROS with 3 key challenges that they wanted to address:

  • Growing demand for eCommerce
  • Difficulty supporting "real-time pricing"
  • Focus on end user experience & price consistency/accuracy

With the implementation of the PROS Real-Time Pricing Engine Fonterra eliminated any potential channel conflicts regarding their pricing. The partnership experienced many successes, with the following 3 standing out:

  • Omni-channel pricing experience for customers
  • Around a 95% reduction in real-time price calculations
  • Cost-to-serve reductions for rapidly growing business

To learn more about Fonterra and PROS, read the full customer story here and to learn more about PROS in other industries, watch the full Outperform LIVE! PROS Solutions in action session here.