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Fueling Profitable Growth: How Highline Warren Automated Pricing with PROS Gen IV Pricing

Watch this video to hear how Highline Warren uses PROS Gen IV price optimization to automate their pricing processes and drive profitable growth in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Video Highlights:

  • 0:00 - Who is Highline Warren?
  • 0:27 - How did you get into the world of pricing?
  • 0:56 - How does PROS help solve Highline Warren's "pricing puzzle"?
  • 1:29 - How has PROS Gen IV Price Optimization helped solve the pricing puzzle by using neural networks?
  • 2:24 - What steps did Highline Warren take to encourage sales staff to trust PROS pricing recommendations?
  • 3:40 - What has been your favorite part of Outperform?