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Winning in the New Normal: Why Pricing is Key

In this webinar, PROS Chief Visionary Officer Craig Zawada will show us how the way in which businesses respond to these threats are separating winners from losers – and most importantly how you can prepare your business to be one of the winners. 

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to deliver on realistic pricing for self-serve channels without eroding margins 
  • Why it’s so key to adapt quickly to fast-changing customer needs 
  • What separates businesses with resiliency from those that falter 
  • The steps your organization can take to thrive in the new normal

Featured Speaker:

Craig Zawada 
Chief Visionary Officer at PROS

Craig is responsible for creating the vision for how PROS uses data and technology to help companies drive their business strategy. A widely published author, Zawada is perhaps best well known for co-authoring The Price Advantage, which has been recognized as one of the most pragmatic books available on pricing strategy. Prior to joining PROS, he was a partner and leader in the Marketing and Sales Practice at McKinsey & Company.

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