Designed with users in mind

Powerful technology can’t realize its full potential if it’s a frustrating experience. Billions of dollars are spent every year on business solutions that go unused by the people they’re intended to help.

The PROS User Experience team is working hard to change that. We apply research and design techniques to create meaningful products for both your business and users.

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The qualities of great user experiences


Solves a relevant problem


Effortless for people to use


Emotionally rewarding

Users are central to our process

Users diagram
  1. Research

    Start projects by understanding the customer, their goals, and painpoints

  2. Design

    Explore and prototype a variety of potential solutions

  3. Validate

    Test solutions with users, incorporate their feedback, and iterate

  4. Enhance

    Refine winning solutions with branding, content and emotional appeal

  5. Improve

    Launch the solution, observe how it’s used, and improve it further

We learn from users in many ways

Watch how the PROS User Experience team gathers and incorporates insights from our customer community (2-minutes long).

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User experience in-person  illustration


Site Visits
Focus Groups
Prototype Testing

User experience remote illustration


Prototype Testing

User experience graphic


Usage Analytics
Inline Feedback
Online Forums
Satisfaction Surveys
Support Incidents

Products built with consistency and care

Good products are easy to learn, which means they help users successfully apply their past experiences to quickly become productive.

The KIT Design System is a resource of principles, guidelines, and components to help PROS teams design consistent products. The less time users spend on training or guesswork, the more time they can spend accomplishing their goals.

KIT Design System

Let your voice be heard

We talk with over 500 participants every year! If you’re a customer or user of PROS products, join our User Feedback Community. It’s an easy way to influence future product designs to make them a more satisfying experience for you and your users.

The PROS User Experience team is always interested in hearing from talented people. Collaborating with fantastic colleagues is one the best parts about life at PROS.

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