PROS Professional Services

To help ensure things run smoothly and efficiently, the Professional Services team is a partner for our customers. Tasked with helping customers meet their objectives in a timely fashion, this team drives cross-functional commitment and acts as a trusted resource when it comes to planning and delivering.

How We Work

Cross Functional Commitment

We make it a priority to understand your project goals, milestones, and objectives at every step in the project. This helps ensure that all members of the team are committed to the same business outcomes.

Global Delivery Excellence

Every customer’s needs are unique. With the power of our solutions-based Global Delivery teams, you can rest assured that our expertise and best practices will guide you in every step of the implementation process.

Value-Added Services

When we say we’re with you every step of the way, we mean it! In the post implementation process, we provide consultative, development, and operational support, as well as innovation opportunities and professional training to make sure you’re getting the most of your partnership with PROS.

Engineered Quality and Best Practices

Together with the Product team, Professional Services ensures your success through end-to-end quality engineering. Along with common best practices, delivery processes and best-in-class tooling from our Global Delivery team, we work to mobilize cross-functional resources to ensure continued success.

Timeline of Events

Our implementation methodology is used for each project engagement. From the planning phase to the launch, we ensure go-live success, rooted in open communication and alignment.


During this first phase, we work with you to develop an integrated plan for achieving your goal. We’ll help you design the end solution and show how you can get there quickly and efficiently.


Configure and Validate Data

During the configuration phase, we leverage an iterative development process that allows for rapid development and quick changes, if needed. This process of validating data ensures better alignment on the developed solution and helps troubleshoot any challenges along the way.


Finally, integration testing, training sessions, and reviews help ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.


PROS teams provide advocacy, advisory, and support services ensuring value of your investment.