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Are You Truly a Digital Distributor?

Turn Your Data into Revenue, and Pricing Challenges into Opportunities!

Distributors today are expected to deliver a modern, transparent experience through whatever channel their customers decide to buy from. Buyers are demanding a seamless experience, and they’re increasingly attracted to online suppliers, including Amazon and manufacturers selling direct, who offer low and transparent pricing. For too long, distributors have been handicapped by their traditional pricing practices – using gut feel instead of data. By moving from a traditional to a more modern approach they are transforming their processes. They can give customers the seamless experience they demand while still offering the unique solutions and relationships that only distributors can provide.

Join Steve Deist, Partner, Indian River Consulting Group, as he discusses how distributors can become truly digital by leveraging technology to improve their pricing processes. Pricing is one of the most important levers a distributor has for improving margin. But the mind-boggling number of product and customer permutations has traditionally forced them to rely on simplified pricing models and rules-of-thumb. This traditional approach leads to undisciplined discounting and margin leakage.

You’ll learn how to

  • Move from a traditional to modern approach to pricing and processes
  • Leverage a data-based approach to identify, optimize and measure improvements to pricing, discounting and overrides
  • Stop margin leakage and improve profitability

About NAW and the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence

The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) was created in 1946 to deal with issues of interest to the entire merchant wholesale distribution industry, thereby freeing affiliated associations to concentrate on the concerns specific to their lines of trade. NAW is a federation of wholesale distribution associations and thousands of individual firms that collectively total about 30,000 companies. Learn more:

The role of the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence is to sponsor and disseminate research into strategic management issues affecting the wholesale distribution industry. The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence aims to help merchant wholesaler-distributors remain the most effective and efficient channel in distribution. Learn more:

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