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Dynamic Pricing: Leverage AI to Transform Data into Dollars

In a fast-paced market, staying nimble is not just a choice; it's a necessity. Many businesses face challenges such as slow reactions to market changes, manual price adjustments, ever-increasing customer expectations, all leading to pressured margins and the threat of eroding market share. Discover how PROS dynamic AI-powered Pricing can help relieve the burden of manual pricing decisions by:

  • Automatically detecting and responding to changing market volatility
  • Gaining insight into drivers of price and demand at every level
  • Maintaining profitability to stay ahead of the competition

About The Speakers:

Bryan Kruming has worked within the technology industry for over 15 years, including the last 10 years specializing in solution consulting for ERP, CRM, CPQ, and most recently, pricing solutions. He has experience with a variety of industry verticals, with his primary areas of focus being the chemicals, wholesale distribution, high-tech, and oil & gas industries. He's based out of San Diego, CA.

Kaavya Muralidhar is a Product Manager at PROS, leading strategy and implementation of AI-based price optimization software used by some of the largest enterprises in the world. Leveraging her background at the intersection of AI, Design, and Business, Kaavya's expertise lies in creating pricing software experiences that are seamless, delightful, and empower customers to excel financially through volatile market conditions.

Webinar Highlights:

Highlight 1: It All Comes Down to Data

Highlight 2: PROS Gen IV AI Powered by Neural Networks