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Ensuring Transparency in Price Optimization

Many businesses are hesitant to switch to AI-powered pricing because they are reluctant to give up control, don’t understand the complexity of the algorithms, or don’t know how the price recommendation is created. Watch this webinar on demand to demystify the complexity of PROS AI-powered Price Optimization with an explanation and demo of how our AI is purpose – built to turn complex algorithms into actionable insights for pricing and selling teams.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How the PROS Platform utilizes neural networks
  • How to get ahead of the competition and project the most winnable future prices
  • How to optimize in the most beneficial way for your company

About the Speaker:

Daniel Wolf currently leads the Strategic Consulting division at PROS. With over a decade of experience in AI-driven pricing and selling optimization, his insights are shaped by a deep understanding of technological advancements in pricing strategies. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, he has been a key figure in driving forward-thinking solutions in North America, Europe, and ANZ. His approach combines technical knowledge with a keen sense of market dynamics, making him easily understandable.

Webinar Highlights:

Highlight 1: PROS Approach to Optimization

Highlight 2: Capture Quick Market Movement

Highlight 3: What if I work in a market that doesn't have data readily available?