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FreightBreak: Fight Back To Profitability

Tired of Just Staying Afloat?

It’s no longer business as usual in shipping. After years of a weak economy and slack trade, Air Cargo has seen an uptick in business and it’s time for Maritime companies to step up to a modern commerce strategy in order to keep pace.

Join the PROS experts as they talk about the state of the shipping industry and share new ways of thinking around selling, pricing and quoting. See how modern commerce and dynamic pricing science can help you:

  • Strengthen sales and customer relationships.
  • Tackle your biggest industry issues.
  • Succeed amidst consolidation and overcapacity.

About the Hosts

Aditi Mehta serves as PROS Product Marketing Manager for the company’s RevenuePRO solution, which enables Travel and Cargo companies to realize their revenue and profit potential. Mehta is responsible for go-to-market strategy development, and positioning and sales enablement for the O&D, GSO, RTDP and PAV editions. Prior to joining PROS, she worked at Sabre, where she was the Product Marketing Manager for Air Shopping. Additionally, she has experience in financial consulting and entrepreneurship as the Founder for Brown Girl Magazine, an online publication for young women. Aditi graduated from The University of Texas with a BBA in Marketing and received her MBA from The University of Chicago.

Mark Crossley is an Executive Account Manager with PROS, focussing exclusively on the maritime industry. Mark has been in and around the maritime sector for over 30 years having started as a tanker chartering broker before moving to S&P. Mark made the switch into ICT in 2000 and has worked with owners, managers and operators implementing maritime ERP systems and specialist maritime software consultancy and development as well as network security.