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The Pricing Revolution

How are pricing leaders leveraging the latest pricing technology and AI to overcome barriers in the digital, omnichannel selling environment? In this on-demand webinar, Accenture shares the results of their global research with 500 C-level executives, which highlights the current state of pricing as well as where pricing is heading in the post-Covid world.


[02:48] Dr. Marcus Demmelmair, Senior Manager at Accenture, shares highlights from their global research on pricing trends that are reshaping businesses today.
[15:30] Jakob Döhl, Manager at Accenture, presents a real-life example of how to bring price models to life.
[23:48] Frederic Tassin, Senior Strategic Consultant at PROS, explains how PROS solutions enable companies to improve their pricing and selling strategies to spear-head the pricing revolution.
[52:54] Q&A

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