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The tech market means super-short product life cycles, lots of hungry competition and ever-eroding prices. You need a cutting-edge sales and pricing system to thrive. That’s PROS.

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Nothing in the tech industry stays static. The only reliable thing is that at any given moment, some new trend or product will completely disrupt the game. That creates an endless uphill climb to hit your revenue and profitability goals.

PROS builds tech and software pricing models that boost your business with robust market intelligence and operational agility. You can now not only navigate the new landscape of virtualization, public, private and hybrid clouds, device convergence, software-as-a service, mobility, subscription-based and utility-based licensing, but actually capitalize.

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PROS helps you create the winning formula

Your pricing strategy must capture the value you provide your customers and smartly handle pricing through product lifecycles – all in an era of rapid innovation and big competition. PROS hands you powerful market insights that give your teams confidence to close more deals for bigger profit.

See Your Customers

See customer buying behaviors so you can align pricing and supply decisions to realize your true profitability potential.

Transform Your Pricing

Gain a competitive advantage by giving sales teams dynamic, data-driven guidance for faster, more confident quotes.

Ignite CPQ in Your CRM

Amplify the power of your existing CRM with guided product selection and configuration, quick quoting and proposal generation.

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This leading electronics distributor was pricing their more than 30,000 parts using a patched-together framework of gut instinct and manual processes. Learn how an integrated pricing strategy built on AI and machine learning led them to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and profitability.

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