PROS Customer

Purpose & Benefits

At PROS, we celebrate innovation as the driving force behind transformative growth and exceptional customer experiences. Our PROS Customer Outperformer Awards recognize and honor customers who are pushing the boundaries of possibility through the innovative use of AI, software solutions, and collaborative partnerships.

PROS Customer Outperformer Award winners unlock exclusive benefits:

  • Bolster customer’s corporate and personal brand
  • Award finalists will gain VIP privileges at Outperform including express check-in, access to VIP lounge, and free conference pass(es) for the team
  • Award to include digital promotion

Categories & Descriptions

Customers can submit for up to 2 categories using the submission form

AI Innovator

Celebrating customers who excel in utilizing PROS AI software. The AI Innovator highlights innovation, efficiency, and positive change. It recognizes organizations that leverage AI to drive transformative outcomes, optimize operations, and foster collaboration.​

Growth Catalyst

Prestigious recognition bestowed upon the fastest-growing customers on our platform. For organizations that demonstrate the shortest time to value, exceptional efforts in change management, and widespread adoption throughout the enterprise. It highlights the proactive and innovative approaches these customers employ to drive rapid growth and maximize the value of our solutions across their organizations.

Profit Booster

Honoring businesses that have achieved remarkable growth in profitability or margins by implementing PROS solutions. This award recognizes demonstrated increases in overall profitability or substantial improvements in profit margins, showcasing the transformative impact of leveraging PROS technology.

Digital Pioneer

Honors customers who excel in transforming their businesses through digital selling strategies. It celebrates organizations leveraging cutting-edge solutions and AI technologies to drive growth and enhance customer experiences. Recipients set new standards for excellence, embodying innovation and resilience in the digital landscape, inspiring peers and industry leaders alike.

Award Qualifications

Award nominations are open to all PROS Customers, offering an equal opportunity for recognition. Nominations are accepted through April 5, 2024.

Successful nominations will include:

  • Detailed submissions using notable results from the PROS Platform realized between 2023 and 2024
  • Agreement with the PROS Award Terms stated below
  • Must be a current PROS Customer

Outperformer Awards FAQs

  1. 1. How are finalists selected for the PROS Customer Outperformer Awards?
    • Finalists are chosen based on the strength of submission of their nominations and the demonstrated impact of their innovative use of PROS AI solutions. A panel of judges evaluates each nomination against the criteria outlined for each award category to determine finalists.
  2. 2. How many times can a customer nominate themselves for the PROS Customer Outperformer Awards?
    • Customers can submit for up to 2 categories using the submission form. This allows organizations to showcase their achievements and innovations across multiple areas of excellence within PROS AI solutions.
  3. 3. Are there any specific guidelines or forms for preparing the nominations?
    • Yes, customers are required to use the provided submission form when submitting their nominations for the awards. This form ensures that all necessary information is included and presented in a standardized format, facilitating the evaluation process.

Key Dates

  • March 4th – April 5th – Customer Awards Submissions Open 
  • Week of April 22nd – Notify Finalists and Confirm Attendance to Outperform
  • May 22nd – Award Winners announced at Outperform in Orlando

Award Terms

By submitting, you authorize the use of your story of your journey with PROS. You confirm your authority to enter into this agreement and assert that the content is free of intellectual property violations or unlawful material. Submitted content may be converted into case studies post-Outperform without additional approval.